A beautiful expression of God’s glory

Anytime you feel like you do not match up to anything at all, just remember that you are a beautiful expression of God’s glory: then smile, dress up and show up.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest among them all?” Can we recall these words in one of our favorite fairy tales as kids? Yes, you are right – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The mirror shows a perfect reflection of us, isn’t it? And I am very sure the ladies can relate even better. There is an entire fashion show in front of the mirror every day.  You could call it our best friends and we won’t even mind. lol.

The mirror has been and is still my best friend for years. I think the mirror is the first thing I look into in the morning after my feet touches the floor. In it, I see an entire world, depending on my perspective of life. You can imagine how powerful this mirror is, especially to ladies.

Growing up, my sisters were my yard stick in terms of appearance and looks. Personally, I used to feel I could never match up to them in a lot of ways. I was, and I am still quite different from them all. Meehn!! In terms of body size and shape, you can say I am a mouse…lol. Of  height, well, at least I take the crown but when it comes to looks, you can still go back to calling me a mouse…Lol. In terms of appearance, I think the only thing I saw myself as the queen over them, was my height.

When it came down to socialization, I was the cat, very antisocial and always kept to myself. I’d rather stay in my room than go out because I never felt beautiful enough. I lived with this notion till only God knows when. I think it is part of the reasons why I still find it difficult to believe it when people make remarks about my looks. I do believe in my own words about myself as opposed to what anyone else says. To me, they are either flattering  or just trying to make me feel OK by patting my back, and I don’t think I need that.

Fast forward, things began to change gradually. In the university, it was as if people suddenly saw differently and I was wondering why. I even remember my kid sis telling me that her friend mentioned that, I was the prettiest among her sisters. Eeeih saa?

Most of the guys wouldn’t give me a break. Whenever I told any of them that I wasn’t in a relationship, they would wonder why a nice girl like me (according to them) wasn’t already dating. Smh. Even my roommates wouldn’t stop bothering me about my body. lol. Trust me for some time, I kept on wondering what they were seeing which I wasn’t. I could actually look at myself in the mirror for hours asking myself the same question over and over again. What are they seeing and I’m not?

As time went on, I gained the courage of feeling beautiful. I began to love and accept myself. I dressed up because I felt beautiful. Wrong way to start believing in my looks right? I guess I didn’t really need people’s testimonies to get me to do what I had to do.

What am I trying to say with this whole story? Genesis clearly informs us about God creating the heaven and the earth including all the amazing things he added. Upon further read, you will notice that with everything God created, He saw that it was good. Do you realize everything God created was and is unique? That no two things are exactly the same? Yes! There might be a lot of resemblance and might even be similar but they are never perfectly the same. Everything function differently, even within the same species. Take a critical look at the universe and everything in it, isn’t it beautiful? Don’t they all tell you how amazing God is?

See how beautifully the sea roars even as the clouds and the sky reflect on it to give its amazing color. Have you ever wondered how God made all this? Doesn’t it speak to you that God must be very beautiful, if He indeed has such an artistic eye?

Look at how different the flowers are. The animals, the trees, the sun, the moon, and the stars: they all speak of how beautiful the Creator is. Have you ever seen a painting and all of a sudden you thought, “The one who did this must really be beautiful inside, even if not physically?”

We are all a beautiful expression of God’s awesome glory. We all do things and function differently. We speak, act, and even look different. We match up and meet up each other at an important point. Imagine if we were all introverts, I’m sure the world would be very boring. We need the Sanguine to make us laugh, the Phlegmatic and Melancholic to keep showing and expressing all the love and the Choleric to be strict and hard to please. All these make the world a beautiful place. All of us cannot be the same. How do you feel about an artist who keeps producing the same art over and over again? Boring without any innovation, isn’t it?

Look in the mirror again and when you do, see God through your image. If you think your God is amazing, then you are too. Your existence alone expresses how wonderful God is. We can all do different and beautiful things and in all these things, give God the glory. Never feel worthless because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God really took His time to specially make you and you fit best in His beautiful creation.

Anytime you feel like you do not match up to anything at all, just remember that you are a beautiful expression of God’s glory: then smile, dress up and show up. (Ephesians 2:10/ Genesis 1:27/ Psalm 139:4)

Write me a Tribute…

Write me a tribute today because tomorrow is promised no one.

One of the least places I’d rather be and a place I dread the most is being at a funeral. Why? Because, there is always so much wailing at a funeral. Honestly, anytime I do attend one, I always leave with too many sad thoughts on my mind. It even baffles me how in a minute a person is so full of life and just the next minute, they are motionless, without an iota of life in them.

Amazingly, it is at a funeral all the five love languages are beautifully expressed.

You get to see the number of people that offer ‘Words of affirmation’ (for so many different reasons of course). People proclaim sweet words that sooth the heart, which could almost take away the pain, but would not, unfortunately; yet, comforting enough to make the burden of sorrows a little lighter.

The ‘Acts of service’ present at a funeral is simply amazing. You can find all hands on deck: I mean all hands, even your enemies…lol. Everybody wants to help out in one way or another. Somehow, I think maybe it only takes the actual witches to stay in their homes and jubilate over the death of someone.lol. This reminds of when my great grandma passed on. You can imagine the kind of work load people had to carry out, Lord!!! Well, all of this was an act of love.

Now, talk of ‘Receiving gifts’.  I mean all kinds of gifts but most importantly money, because that is mostly needed during a funeral due to all the expenses involved. Sometimes, it is even unimaginable to think about the amazing monetary support one can get at a funeral. It becomes a competition at times, for who show the deepest affection based on the amount contributed.

Oh! Yeah, ‘Quality time’. Who can argue that people tend to spend a lot of time together more often than not during a funeral? Family comes together, friends bond together; even enemies do draw closer…lol. For some reason, people feel this is the best time the bereaved family needs to stick together at all cost in order to take away all those minutes of journeying alone, the path of painful memories.

It has been proven that the amount of oxytocin (which is a hormone) that is released when one receives a hug is very beneficial to the entire body. This reduces stress levels drastically, lowers the heart rate to a normal one and even improves immunity in a way. Now that is ‘Physical touch’ for you. I bet you, even if you are the kind of person who dreads hugs, you will really crave for it when you lose a loved one. Even those who are allergic to hugs take a sip of antihistamine just so they can offer a great deal of hug to people during those painful moments. Lol.

But why must it be at a funeral?

Do we always have to wait for something bad to happen before we put on our love cap?

I once attended a funeral, and by the time the wife of the deceased finished reading her tribute, I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my cheeks. Trust me, her words were so touching and beautiful, and I could just play back in my mind how her husband used to be when he was alive. The auditorium felt so solemn when individuals had their turns to read their tributes. So many thoughts rushed into and out of my mind, and I could neither make meaning out of any of them nor get any to focus on, as they were too many.

Then I thought to myself, “I’m sure this man would have smiled and possibly even cried, if this tribute had been read to him while he was still breathing. I’m really sure his heart would have been full of so much love and gratitude to even become better than what had been said about him”. So then again I asked, why are we reading it now when he is already gone?

Our beautiful words, thoughts and true feelings only see the daylight when a body is placed motionless and breathless right before our eyes. Do we really need to be only moved by dead bodies in order to express our sincerest love? How amazing will it be to tell that someone how you truly feel, and tell them how much they mean to you. Why not serve them, give them those warm hugs and those soft kisses? Why not tell them all those sweet words you have always been replaying in your mind? Why not organize an event where tributes are read to living beings?

Write me a tribute today, while I am still alive and breathing not when I am gone. Tell me just how much I mean to you, how much you would love to spend time with me. Tell me what impact I have made in your life.  Offer that act of service to me while I need it most.

Write me a tribute today, because tomorrow I might not be able to hear all those sweet words. Tomorrow I might not be able to see all those tears in your eyes and smiles on your face. I might not know how much I truly meant to you or whatever you actually felt for me. Don’t wait till I’m gone. Don’t wait till it’s too late to even forgive or be forgiven

Write me a tribute today and now, because tomorrow is not promised no one. (Proverbs 27:1; James 4:13-15).

It’s Hard But, I’ll wait

Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait on the LORD. PSALM 27:14

You know, Patience has been one of the greatest virtues I can shamefully say I don’t possess: not to say I am proud of it though.  I get very anxious and a little irritated when things are taking too long than its suppose to. Well! my best friend thinks otherwise; to him I am the most patient girl he’s ever come across  but, I beg to differ so lets stick to my truth anyways, which is – I am impatient.

Okay, so this is how I planned my life: four years of university education, continue with my masters degree which is going to take two years, get myself a great job, get married and then the rest would follow (abi you know dada). To me, that was and as a matter of fact, still is one wonderful life plan which by hook or crook had to materialize.

Now, let me tell you what happened and graciously is currently happening (hehee). I got into university at the right age every person is supposed to. On my admission letter, I got the weirdest combinations I could ever dream of. Trust me if I were to dream and see those combined courses, I would wake up, position myself well and dream again. Then again, aside my courses, I was even admitted into the university I didn’t even like because everybody claimed it was a non-serious school: UNIVERSITY OF GHANA. Oh! I forgot to mention my courses: Political science, Theater Arts and Swahili. The last course on my list even cracked me up, “Swahili! Who does Swahili and what language is that in the first place?”  My sisters made fun of it. For political science, I felt I could work around it but the others, Lord! I don’t even want to continue.

So this was the plan, I drop Swahili after first year, theater arts after second year and then finish with a major in Political science since it seemed like the only reasonable course I was awarded. I got into school with this plan in my mind but everything changed. I fell in love with the Swahili and Political science to the extent that I traveled to Tanzania to study the language for a year and completed with a B.A in Political science and Swahili combined. That didn’t end there; I became a Teaching Assistant for Swahili. If you are following me very well, this meant that my life plan had embraced an extra year, plans distorted – five years in university, instead of the pre-planned four years.

Alright, so let’s continue: during my national service days, my friend and I used most of our time to apply for jobs and schools. Now, my attention was no more on my initial plan which was pursuing a master’s degree right after service; it was now divided. I was looking at both working and schooling, whichever came first I would just grab it: change of plans again. Well in my plans, I was hoping to be employed right after service – but we will soon know what happened to that hope. Now, national service ended in August and I had to relocate to Kumasi. I wasn’t too bothered and eager to work at that time because I wanted a little rest from service. As the weeks and months came by I was now getting a little agitated. Why? Because, my plans were back-firing. Some friends called to inform me they had started work already and others, that they were moving out of the country for school and my dear self was still back home feeding on my parents money.

Now I started questioning God- “Na wey road I pass, God? E no bi we all wey we dey search jobs den schools? Why you for remember others wey you forget me so? Wey tin I do?” lol……Eeiih!!!

Intensive prayers started and I had all hopes of getting a job right when the New Year began, and oh my parents’ friends promised me quite a number of jobs; but later they all disappointed me. I got admission into a school outside but it was without a scholarship. Now, it became even funnier than sad. “God, why me? If you know you won’t give me, don’t give me erh, why are you giving me sakora-answered prayers?” I thought to myself.

Let me cut the long story short, it’s the 21st  of June, 2017 and I still don’t have a job and I am not schooling either. Well, if you ask me, I would probably say I’m relaxing at home, enjoying all the free time while it lasts. hehee… It hasn’t been easy at all, sometimes I wake up so frustrated, with plans distorted and dreams shattered. This is not how I planned my life. During these days at home, God has taught me greater lessons; He has drawn me closer to Him more than I used to be. I have even drawn closer to my church and the work of God, and the most important aspect of it all is that, I am learning to be more patient. I have learnt to tell God, “IT IS HARD, BUT I WILL WAIT!” I will wait for His perfect time, for that time He deems right for everything to take place. God has brought a lot of testimonies into my life: yes, it’s not the testimony of the job or the school with a scholarship yet, but they are greater testimonies I will share one day.

You may have delayed promises, your life’s plan may have been twisted like mine, you may have a lot of ‘unanswered’ prayers and shattered dreams but I want to challenge you today; it is time to tell God  “IT IS HARD BUT I’LL WAIT”. You will wait for His perfect timing, you won’t rush but you will wait because, you have all your faith and hopes placed in Him alone. I am not saying its easy because it is not. God did not promise us an easy and a no pain life but He rather promised to be with us in the bad and in the good. To strengthen us when we are weak (2 Corinthians 12:9) and help keep that smiles on our faces. Trust me, there’s no one who can make your life better than our Father God. He has our destinies inscribed in His palms, He knows what Hes doing.

Isaiah 55:8  “ For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”

Ecclesiastes 3:11    “In his time he makes all things beautiful”

Psalms 37:34  “Wait for the LORD and keep his way, and he will exalt you to inherit the land; you will look on when the wicked are cut off.”

And let me remind you of one last scripture, one of my favorites too that says,

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is only the counsel of God that shall stand”.  Proverbs 19: 21

God has a plan for you and me,with bigger and better surprises in store for us all. Therefore, let’s be patient and wait on God. If you only believe that you have a big God who has your name inscribed in His plans, a big God who is cooking something delicious for you to eat for a life time – then WAIT! God is not a man that He should lie nor a son of man that He should change His mind: He will come through for you, trust me. It may not be just as it is in your plans, but it will be when you need it most and deserve it, it will definitely happen at a time when the joy will captivate your mind, body and soul. I am still waiting so let’s wait together.

A life of Convenience Or Obedience?

Obeying rules and regulations has been one annoying aspect of growing up for me.lol. Not to say I wasn’t the obedient,law-abiding citizen type,hw3h!if you obey rules and regulations more than me you will be arrested.(just exaggerating). You know how our parents can be, you either obey their rules or face the music. Obedience is so important to them; disobeying meant disrespect. I have had to receive punishments, been chased around the house only because I decided to do what I thought was right and convenient rather than following the rules. There were many times I felt my parents were being selfish,that they did not care about anything else other than obeying their rules. Growing and taking up the big sister role, I noticed it was frustrating when rules were disobeyed and trampled on. Oh! there were many times I chased my kid sister too and screamed so loud only because she was getting on my nerves by doing what she wanted. Smh, she was always saved by my dad: how annoying. It was then I understood why obedience was very important to adults. Obeying rules did not only show a sign of respect, but it was also a training ground.

I was so quick to look up for the word ‘convenience’ in my dictionary and guess what I found:anything that makes for an easier life. Google also defined it as, the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty or the quality of being suitable. Oh, so I now get why I’d prefer sleeping sweetly all wrapped up in my bed to waking up at 5 am in the cold to go wash my dad’s car. That was convenient for me,and his act on the other hand very wicked.hahahahaa. aah abha! After my curiosity, I was speechless; I couldn’t think of what to say or write. I had heard this statement, “Christians want to live a life of convenience” in church, and I was wondering what it meant to be living such a life.

I noticed that naturally, human beings love a life of convenience. No one wants to inconvenience themselves in any way whatsoever. Ah! why will I get up and go for that meeting when it has rained heavily, the whole place is wet plus I might catch a cold.lol. I can choose to sleep till 10 am before getting up to go to work when I know the reporting time is 8 am, smh, and which boss is going to be paying me? A life of convenience is an easy way of life. If you live a life of only convenience, you barely take risks because most risks are dangerous and you wouldn’t want to inconvenience yourself in any way.

I was having my usual quiet time one day when the Holy Spirit drew my attention to something.

1 Samuel 15:16-23 (NIV)

 Saul, the King of Israel disobeyed God’s orders by following what he thought was better for him thinking it was all in honor of God. This act did not only get God angry, but his kingdom was stripped off him.

What am I driving at? As Christians, we have been called to a life of obedience rather than convenience. Our christian walk with God is not one made on a bed of roses. Yes, walking with God is fun but it’s never easy. I say so because in order to fully walk with God, you have to deny yourself of a lot of worldly pleasures. (Mathew 16:24, Galatians 5:24,Ephesians 4:22). Sometimes it’s very difficult because, we humans are made of the body(flesh),the soul and the spirit. Many times, our flesh struggles with our spirit a lot because they are of opposite desires.Our flesh lusts after the things of the world, which in a way is very convenient for us whiles the spirit desires  the things of God, which often times is difficult but yet still it’s the life of obedience. Unfortunately, we happen to find ourselves living the life of convenience rather than obedience.(Romans 7:15-20).

Tell me, when did you wish you insulted that annoying guy back, kick someone so bad,or  even pay someone back for the wrong they did to you and you couldn’t? Ahaa you know, sometimes some adults can be very irritating and you wish you could talk back at them or better still just tell them to their face they were irritating and you couldn’t? Oh God! anytime that happened to me, I went home dramatizing all the things I could have said and done in my head. I can act a whole play in my head without any distractions.lol.

Do you know why this christian life is inconvenient? It’s because our flesh requires a lot of things our christian values forbid. There have been a number times I thought of sex and all other unnecessary things before marriage; yes! because I have blood running through my veins like you do; but I couldn’t and it wasn’t easy choosing that path. There have been times I wish I could sleep the whole day and not step out but I had to go to church. A lot of times, I have had to stare at my alarm,throw my phone away because I was too tired to wake up and pray and my alarm was disturbing my sleep.lol. Oh, talk of the countless stressful late night rehearsals I wish I could skip and deliberately skipped sometimes, all because I  am just too tired and my M.D. doesn’t seem to have rest in his dictionary.(oh God! why did i choose to be a singer). There were times I was not well but yet still I found myself at rehearsals screaming my lungs out only because I have chosen this life to please God and no one else.smh.”3ny3 easy”.

I just remembered there was a time when I was so hungry and yet I had to fast. I couldn’t help myself but kept checking my watch from time to time:it was so funny. At that moment,how I wished I was sitting behind some waakye with pear,eggs,fish,wele,gari and a lot of stew.(one of my favorites).But I had to fast; what a life. Who asked me to fast in the first place? God? as a matter of truth, No. God didn’t come down to tell me to fast but I needed to fast. Why? To quicken my inner spirit in order to be able to live this life I have chosen. Come to think of it, this whole life of obedience is a training ground for us. Yes ,it’s a sign of respect and reverence to God, but it’s more to our benefit. Look, if we had chosen to disobey our parents, do you think it would have been to their detriment? sorry, but No sir. Yes, they will feel hurt and disrespected, but who loses? you and I. Because, at the end of the day we are punished, or we are stripped off some important things we needed and again we fail to grow up to become respectable adults in our societies. It’s the same way with God, He never loses; we do. So let’s be smart.

God requires our obedience better than our sacrifices. He expects that we live right according to His principles and values.It’s not like He’s left us to look for what is right and wrong on our own. He’s given us a guide, and that’s the Bible. The bible is more than just rules and regulations,it’s a guideline to life. In it we experience God and know who God is better. And there’s the Holy spirit, our greatest confidant and friend. He is there to help us when we do not understand anything. He’s that real, he’s not like some fiction or something someone just created. He is real. Nobody said it was easy,all you need to do is to ask for help, and you will receive it.

Let them call us “krife”,”kolo”and all the teasing names they have got,but let us show them that yes, we have chosen the life of obedience which is to please only the Father. And in doing that,we have all the right to do it in real style. Who said we Christians don’t have swag?

I believe Christians have the best swag and style in this whole world because our father is the King of style and swag.

If you side with me, then let’s have a lot of fun as we choose this life of obedience and not complicate ourselves by doing the things that are only convenient to us,pushing God out of the scene and letting the world in. (a big wink for y’all).


I’m in a love relationship

I sat quietly on my bed,attentively listening and gazing at her as she twisted and turned her body whiles giving me the gist of the beautiful love relationship she’s got. Trust me, you wouldn’t need a Prophet to reveal to you that this girl was in love and was enjoying her relationship. She told me of how she can’t go a day without speaking to him on phone, how he would send her sweet and mind blowing messages in the mornings and at unexpected moments. I watched her smile intermittently and figit on her phone like she was looking for a proof for me.(abi you can picture the scene already.lol).

She said, “Akosua, we can talk on the phone for hours without getting tired and I wonder where the conversations sprung up from. I don’t mind spending my whole day with him doing nothing and yet I never get tired. Spending my last penny on him is never an issue for me because I love him dearly and he loves me too. I trust him like no other, I trust that he wont hurt me or try to do anything out of place, I trust his words, he never fails, when he says something he always does it. When I’m with him,  I have no reason to fear because he protects me and I feel so safe and secured around him. We hang out late nights and he always gets me back home safe and sound”.

I kept listening, stuck with only three words, Awww, Wooow and Really? One statement she made blew my mind. She said “Akosua do you know I even find it very difficult to do the things I know he wouldnt like even when I clearly know hes not around and if I do them he wouldnt see”? That moment you can imagine my face, my mouth was opened as wide as a hippopotamus who was trying to yawn. She exclaimed, “Yes its true!, its like his spirit is with me always and I don’t want to hurt him even if he wouldn’t see. I can’t lie to him you know”. There in my mind i was thinking (see this small too known girl oo, shes trying to make me feel bad, I eyed her small.lol). But that was my awakening…

Can you relate to this small too known girl’s story? Do you remember the very first time he proposed to you? when you said yes and when your love story begun? Do you remember the butterflies flying in your tummy anytime he held your hand or mentioned your name? What about the sleepless nights on phone saying nothing? I remember my aunt referring to me as a cocaine dealer only because I was always on phone for hours at night whispering.lol. It cracked me up when I remembered.

Thinking about all these, the first question that popped up was, how is my relationship with God like? “A sassy Girl’s Guide to loving God”, a  book written by Michelle McKinney Hammond opened my eyes a lot to our love relationship with God. She explains how to love God and have a beautiful relationship with him.

Can you imagine how we are so thrilled about just a mortal relationship. A relationship with a human being, humans who change according to situations and circumstances. Humans who can lie right at your face without any sweat, humans who have mood swings. Humans who keep grudges. A mortal man who can die anytime leaving you deserted and filled with so much sorrow and grief. Our relationships with each other makes us forget that there’s someone who loves us better than anyone could. John 15: 13 Greater love has no one than to lay down his life for his friends. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. The only one I recall who sacrificed his life for us was Jesus Christ and He loves better than no other.

When was the last time you spoke to God and treated him like your lover? When did you wait to hear those sweet words which will carry you through your day? When did you have sleepless nights just to tell him about your day,your plans and your fears? 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares and burdens on Him for he cares for you. When was the last time you were so thrilled to hear his voice or spend time with him? When did you not mind spending your last dime on him all because you love him so much? Do you remember the last time you told yourself you wont go,wear,or do those things because your lover Jesus will be hurt if he finds out? John 14:15 If you love me,obey my commandments. When was the last time you trusted Him fully and left everything to Him to fix? When did to you gather all the patience and waited as long as it took just for that request to be answered?

We Christians are always quick to jump and say “I love you Lord”, forgetting we love someone better. If we love God so much like we claim then why cant we relate to him like our lovers. Why do we treat him like an outcast, we only go to him when we need help. And even with that, we do not expect anything than a “yes” answer from him. We are so quick to tell him all we want and do not even wait for him to tell us what he knows we need. Our prayer lives are boring because all we do is make requests, get up, leave and expect it done within 24 hours. Who does that?(my popular phrase) we all do that.

If God is our friend, most importantly our lover, then he deserves to be treated as one. Wait oo let me remind us of something, God is immortal, he never sleeps nor slumbers, he never fails, he keeps to all his promises, my friend Abraham will give you all the gist if you visit him in the land of Genesis, he doesn’t have mood swings and he never bear grudges. He’s All knowing, he sees everything from everywhere and He even knows what you are about to say before you even alter a word, He has the power to heal and comfort you. He has wide arms to embrace you, He has the sweetest voice ever which can put you to bed just by the mention of your name. He’s so rich that he can give you everything you ask for in just a second. He’s never too busy and He never leaves your side unless you ask him to, hmmm, His sweetness is more than honey. His love is so genuine that He layed down his own life for you. Because He doesn’t want you to be harmed, he’s ordered his workers to keep charge over you all the time,there’s not a second they are away. Eii! He loves you even when you don’t.

What a woow! What a lover! I just noticed I missed soo many years of this mind blowing,indescribable,unexplainable lover. But He just assured me it doesn’t matter when(time) I discovered his love. Its always the same and I get to enjoy all those benefits no matter what. He said I just need to ask him to be my lover, that is all and He will be and help me every step of the way.

Are you in  love relationship with God? If not then who is this Jesus to you? Begin to ask yourself these questions and when you find and an answer, invite Jesus to be your lover if he’s not and spice up your relationship if it’s been dormant.

Jesus’ arms are always opened to embrace us all and give us the warmth we so crave for.

HYMN 323

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believers ear

It soothes his sorrows

Heals his wounds

And drives away his fears

A silent struggle

And so i was doing my normal scrolling up and down on Facebook when I came across my own Angie smiles write-up “love engraved in my palm” . after reading this, i was so moved that i couldn’t help it but pick up my phone to text her “eii what an awakening”. Her story reminded me of a lot more i had apparently forgotten, most importantly,Gods unending love that was exhibited in every part of my being. I suddenly felt the pinch i had gracefully been avoiding for years. Oh! how i thought my pinch proof will never fall off,hmm.

A silent struggle it has been, that pain you feel deep within you, that  you can’t seem to tell anyone. Ahaa! You know when you accidentally hit your toe on a wooden object or anything hard and all you can do is jump up and down like a frog hoping from one place to the other, flip your fingers together or gnash so hard like you’re in labor. lol. The thought of  it makes me laugh, that’s the silent struggle i am talking about.

Been gifted a mother, father, siblings and wonderful friends and yet still no one to confined in. Walking around wearing the broadest smile that just the sight of you causes others to smile. Mounting stages to minister with that struggle in your heart .

When you pick up the phone, scroll up and down and you can’t find a single person to share your struggles with. You finally find someone and unfortunately work or something equally important has to steal that person away. When you are able to reach out to a friend and they need to rest before they hear you out,hmm, it’s a silent struggle.

Sometimes you don’t even know who is willing to listen without judging, who will listen without going away thinking you are the worlds most sinful creature. You have spiritual fathers but non of them is able to be there right when you need them. When those you expect much from presents you lesser than less. When your past hunts you like the lion hunts for its prey. eii its a silent struggle oo, one you can’t shout but only flip your fingers and jump up and down.

So many questions i needed answers to and there was no one to answer. but guess what? God came through. I may not be over my struggle yet but God came in with the comfort i just needed. He reminded me that he need not take a nap before listening to my worries, or ask for permission to get off work to talk to me. He said, i need not look for my phone to call on him because he is always there, right beside me. All i needed to do was to mention his name. He told me, i need not check the time before calling on him, i could call him in the morning, afternoon, evening, night or even at dawn. Coming to this realization, i was embraced by the warm thought that after all its never been a silent struggle. God has been there all this while, i was just too busy and too lazy to notice. I just needed to recognize his presence.

I sort to get closer to God. To hear from him and have a beautiful conversation with him as time goes on. With his promise to never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6), i believe that silent struggle will turn to a noisy joy. Jesus is that only friend who can help you with whatever struggle you may be going through. He’s the best friend anyone could have, his friendship is genuine and true to even comprehend. I believe that if you make a conscious effort to recognize the presence of God in your life, you will be able to overcome every struggle. Join me as we overcome this struggle because the word of God says we are more than conquerors( Romans 8:37). to be continued…

Psalms 34: 19

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD delivers him from them all.