A beautiful expression of God’s glory

Anytime you feel like you do not match up to anything at all, just remember that you are a beautiful expression of God’s glory: then smile, dress up and show up.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest among them all?” Can we recall these words in one of our favorite fairy tales as kids? Yes, you are right – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The mirror shows a perfect reflection of us, isn’t it? And I am very sure the ladies can relate even better. There is an entire fashion show in front of the mirror every day.  You could call it our best friends and we won’t even mind. lol.

The mirror has been and is still my best friend for years. I think the mirror is the first thing I look into in the morning after my feet touches the floor. In it, I see an entire world, depending on my perspective of life. You can imagine how powerful this mirror is, especially to ladies.

Growing up, my sisters were my yard stick in terms of appearance and looks. Personally, I used to feel I could never match up to them in a lot of ways. I was, and I am still quite different from them all. Meehn!! In terms of body size and shape, you can say I am a mouse…lol. Of  height, well, at least I take the crown but when it comes to looks, you can still go back to calling me a mouse…Lol. In terms of appearance, I think the only thing I saw myself as the queen over them, was my height.

When it came down to socialization, I was the cat, very antisocial and always kept to myself. I’d rather stay in my room than go out because I never felt beautiful enough. I lived with this notion till only God knows when. I think it is part of the reasons why I still find it difficult to believe it when people make remarks about my looks. I do believe in my own words about myself as opposed to what anyone else says. To me, they are either flattering  or just trying to make me feel OK by patting my back, and I don’t think I need that.

Fast forward, things began to change gradually. In the university, it was as if people suddenly saw differently and I was wondering why. I even remember my kid sis telling me that her friend mentioned that, I was the prettiest among her sisters. Eeeih saa?

Most of the guys wouldn’t give me a break. Whenever I told any of them that I wasn’t in a relationship, they would wonder why a nice girl like me (according to them) wasn’t already dating. Smh. Even my roommates wouldn’t stop bothering me about my body. lol. Trust me for some time, I kept on wondering what they were seeing which I wasn’t. I could actually look at myself in the mirror for hours asking myself the same question over and over again. What are they seeing and I’m not?

As time went on, I gained the courage of feeling beautiful. I began to love and accept myself. I dressed up because I felt beautiful. Wrong way to start believing in my looks right? I guess I didn’t really need people’s testimonies to get me to do what I had to do.

What am I trying to say with this whole story? Genesis clearly informs us about God creating the heaven and the earth including all the amazing things he added. Upon further read, you will notice that with everything God created, He saw that it was good. Do you realize everything God created was and is unique? That no two things are exactly the same? Yes! There might be a lot of resemblance and might even be similar but they are never perfectly the same. Everything function differently, even within the same species. Take a critical look at the universe and everything in it, isn’t it beautiful? Don’t they all tell you how amazing God is?

See how beautifully the sea roars even as the clouds and the sky reflect on it to give its amazing color. Have you ever wondered how God made all this? Doesn’t it speak to you that God must be very beautiful, if He indeed has such an artistic eye?

Look at how different the flowers are. The animals, the trees, the sun, the moon, and the stars: they all speak of how beautiful the Creator is. Have you ever seen a painting and all of a sudden you thought, “The one who did this must really be beautiful inside, even if not physically?”

We are all a beautiful expression of God’s awesome glory. We all do things and function differently. We speak, act, and even look different. We match up and meet up each other at an important point. Imagine if we were all introverts, I’m sure the world would be very boring. We need the Sanguine to make us laugh, the Phlegmatic and Melancholic to keep showing and expressing all the love and the Choleric to be strict and hard to please. All these make the world a beautiful place. All of us cannot be the same. How do you feel about an artist who keeps producing the same art over and over again? Boring without any innovation, isn’t it?

Look in the mirror again and when you do, see God through your image. If you think your God is amazing, then you are too. Your existence alone expresses how wonderful God is. We can all do different and beautiful things and in all these things, give God the glory. Never feel worthless because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God really took His time to specially make you and you fit best in His beautiful creation.

Anytime you feel like you do not match up to anything at all, just remember that you are a beautiful expression of God’s glory: then smile, dress up and show up. (Ephesians 2:10/ Genesis 1:27/ Psalm 139:4)