Write me a Tribute…

Write me a tribute today because tomorrow is promised no one.

One of the least places I’d rather be and a place I dread the most is being at a funeral. Why? Because, there is always so much wailing at a funeral. Honestly, anytime I do attend one, I always leave with too many sad thoughts on my mind. It even baffles me how in a minute a person is so full of life and just the next minute, they are motionless, without an iota of life in them.

Amazingly, it is at a funeral all the five love languages are beautifully expressed.

You get to see the number of people that offer ‘Words of affirmation’ (for so many different reasons of course). People proclaim sweet words that sooth the heart, which could almost take away the pain, but would not, unfortunately; yet, comforting enough to make the burden of sorrows a little lighter.

The ‘Acts of service’ present at a funeral is simply amazing. You can find all hands on deck: I mean all hands, even your enemies…lol. Everybody wants to help out in one way or another. Somehow, I think maybe it only takes the actual witches to stay in their homes and jubilate over the death of someone.lol. This reminds of when my great grandma passed on. You can imagine the kind of work load people had to carry out, Lord!!! Well, all of this was an act of love.

Now, talk of ‘Receiving gifts’.  I mean all kinds of gifts but most importantly money, because that is mostly needed during a funeral due to all the expenses involved. Sometimes, it is even unimaginable to think about the amazing monetary support one can get at a funeral. It becomes a competition at times, for who show the deepest affection based on the amount contributed.

Oh! Yeah, ‘Quality time’. Who can argue that people tend to spend a lot of time together more often than not during a funeral? Family comes together, friends bond together; even enemies do draw closer…lol. For some reason, people feel this is the best time the bereaved family needs to stick together at all cost in order to take away all those minutes of journeying alone, the path of painful memories.

It has been proven that the amount of oxytocin (which is a hormone) that is released when one receives a hug is very beneficial to the entire body. This reduces stress levels drastically, lowers the heart rate to a normal one and even improves immunity in a way. Now that is ‘Physical touch’ for you. I bet you, even if you are the kind of person who dreads hugs, you will really crave for it when you lose a loved one. Even those who are allergic to hugs take a sip of antihistamine just so they can offer a great deal of hug to people during those painful moments. Lol.

But why must it be at a funeral?

Do we always have to wait for something bad to happen before we put on our love cap?

I once attended a funeral, and by the time the wife of the deceased finished reading her tribute, I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my cheeks. Trust me, her words were so touching and beautiful, and I could just play back in my mind how her husband used to be when he was alive. The auditorium felt so solemn when individuals had their turns to read their tributes. So many thoughts rushed into and out of my mind, and I could neither make meaning out of any of them nor get any to focus on, as they were too many.

Then I thought to myself, “I’m sure this man would have smiled and possibly even cried, if this tribute had been read to him while he was still breathing. I’m really sure his heart would have been full of so much love and gratitude to even become better than what had been said about him”. So then again I asked, why are we reading it now when he is already gone?

Our beautiful words, thoughts and true feelings only see the daylight when a body is placed motionless and breathless right before our eyes. Do we really need to be only moved by dead bodies in order to express our sincerest love? How amazing will it be to tell that someone how you truly feel, and tell them how much they mean to you. Why not serve them, give them those warm hugs and those soft kisses? Why not tell them all those sweet words you have always been replaying in your mind? Why not organize an event where tributes are read to living beings?

Write me a tribute today, while I am still alive and breathing not when I am gone. Tell me just how much I mean to you, how much you would love to spend time with me. Tell me what impact I have made in your life.  Offer that act of service to me while I need it most.

Write me a tribute today, because tomorrow I might not be able to hear all those sweet words. Tomorrow I might not be able to see all those tears in your eyes and smiles on your face. I might not know how much I truly meant to you or whatever you actually felt for me. Don’t wait till I’m gone. Don’t wait till it’s too late to even forgive or be forgiven

Write me a tribute today and now, because tomorrow is not promised no one. (Proverbs 27:1; James 4:13-15).