A life of Convenience Or Obedience?

Obeying rules and regulations has been one annoying aspect of growing up for me.lol. Not to say I wasn’t the obedient,law-abiding citizen type,hw3h!if you obey rules and regulations more than me you will be arrested.(just exaggerating). You know how our parents can be, you either obey their rules or face the music. Obedience is so important to them; disobeying meant disrespect. I have had to receive punishments, been chased around the house only because I decided to do what I thought was right and convenient rather than following the rules. There were many times I felt my parents were being selfish,that they did not care about anything else other than obeying their rules. Growing and taking up the big sister role, I noticed it was frustrating when rules were disobeyed and trampled on. Oh! there were many times I chased my kid sister too and screamed so loud only because she was getting on my nerves by doing what she wanted. Smh, she was always saved by my dad: how annoying. It was then I understood why obedience was very important to adults. Obeying rules did not only show a sign of respect, but it was also a training ground.

I was so quick to look up for the word ‘convenience’ in my dictionary and guess what I found:anything that makes for an easier life. Google also defined it as, the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty or the quality of being suitable. Oh, so I now get why I’d prefer sleeping sweetly all wrapped up in my bed to waking up at 5 am in the cold to go wash my dad’s car. That was convenient for me,and his act on the other hand very wicked.hahahahaa. aah abha! After my curiosity, I was speechless; I couldn’t think of what to say or write. I had heard this statement, “Christians want to live a life of convenience” in church, and I was wondering what it meant to be living such a life.

I noticed that naturally, human beings love a life of convenience. No one wants to inconvenience themselves in any way whatsoever. Ah! why will I get up and go for that meeting when it has rained heavily, the whole place is wet plus I might catch a cold.lol. I can choose to sleep till 10 am before getting up to go to work when I know the reporting time is 8 am, smh, and which boss is going to be paying me? A life of convenience is an easy way of life. If you live a life of only convenience, you barely take risks because most risks are dangerous and you wouldn’t want to inconvenience yourself in any way.

I was having my usual quiet time one day when the Holy Spirit drew my attention to something.

1 Samuel 15:16-23 (NIV)

 Saul, the King of Israel disobeyed God’s orders by following what he thought was better for him thinking it was all in honor of God. This act did not only get God angry, but his kingdom was stripped off him.

What am I driving at? As Christians, we have been called to a life of obedience rather than convenience. Our christian walk with God is not one made on a bed of roses. Yes, walking with God is fun but it’s never easy. I say so because in order to fully walk with God, you have to deny yourself of a lot of worldly pleasures. (Mathew 16:24, Galatians 5:24,Ephesians 4:22). Sometimes it’s very difficult because, we humans are made of the body(flesh),the soul and the spirit. Many times, our flesh struggles with our spirit a lot because they are of opposite desires.Our flesh lusts after the things of the world, which in a way is very convenient for us whiles the spirit desires  the things of God, which often times is difficult but yet still it’s the life of obedience. Unfortunately, we happen to find ourselves living the life of convenience rather than obedience.(Romans 7:15-20).

Tell me, when did you wish you insulted that annoying guy back, kick someone so bad,or  even pay someone back for the wrong they did to you and you couldn’t? Ahaa you know, sometimes some adults can be very irritating and you wish you could talk back at them or better still just tell them to their face they were irritating and you couldn’t? Oh God! anytime that happened to me, I went home dramatizing all the things I could have said and done in my head. I can act a whole play in my head without any distractions.lol.

Do you know why this christian life is inconvenient? It’s because our flesh requires a lot of things our christian values forbid. There have been a number times I thought of sex and all other unnecessary things before marriage; yes! because I have blood running through my veins like you do; but I couldn’t and it wasn’t easy choosing that path. There have been times I wish I could sleep the whole day and not step out but I had to go to church. A lot of times, I have had to stare at my alarm,throw my phone away because I was too tired to wake up and pray and my alarm was disturbing my sleep.lol. Oh, talk of the countless stressful late night rehearsals I wish I could skip and deliberately skipped sometimes, all because I  am just too tired and my M.D. doesn’t seem to have rest in his dictionary.(oh God! why did i choose to be a singer). There were times I was not well but yet still I found myself at rehearsals screaming my lungs out only because I have chosen this life to please God and no one else.smh.”3ny3 easy”.

I just remembered there was a time when I was so hungry and yet I had to fast. I couldn’t help myself but kept checking my watch from time to time:it was so funny. At that moment,how I wished I was sitting behind some waakye with pear,eggs,fish,wele,gari and a lot of stew.(one of my favorites).But I had to fast; what a life. Who asked me to fast in the first place? God? as a matter of truth, No. God didn’t come down to tell me to fast but I needed to fast. Why? To quicken my inner spirit in order to be able to live this life I have chosen. Come to think of it, this whole life of obedience is a training ground for us. Yes ,it’s a sign of respect and reverence to God, but it’s more to our benefit. Look, if we had chosen to disobey our parents, do you think it would have been to their detriment? sorry, but No sir. Yes, they will feel hurt and disrespected, but who loses? you and I. Because, at the end of the day we are punished, or we are stripped off some important things we needed and again we fail to grow up to become respectable adults in our societies. It’s the same way with God, He never loses; we do. So let’s be smart.

God requires our obedience better than our sacrifices. He expects that we live right according to His principles and values.It’s not like He’s left us to look for what is right and wrong on our own. He’s given us a guide, and that’s the Bible. The bible is more than just rules and regulations,it’s a guideline to life. In it we experience God and know who God is better. And there’s the Holy spirit, our greatest confidant and friend. He is there to help us when we do not understand anything. He’s that real, he’s not like some fiction or something someone just created. He is real. Nobody said it was easy,all you need to do is to ask for help, and you will receive it.

Let them call us “krife”,”kolo”and all the teasing names they have got,but let us show them that yes, we have chosen the life of obedience which is to please only the Father. And in doing that,we have all the right to do it in real style. Who said we Christians don’t have swag?

I believe Christians have the best swag and style in this whole world because our father is the King of style and swag.

If you side with me, then let’s have a lot of fun as we choose this life of obedience and not complicate ourselves by doing the things that are only convenient to us,pushing God out of the scene and letting the world in. (a big wink for y’all).