I’m in a love relationship

I sat quietly on my bed,attentively listening and gazing at her as she twisted and turned her body whiles giving me the gist of the beautiful love relationship she’s got. Trust me, you wouldn’t need a Prophet to reveal to you that this girl was in love and was enjoying her relationship. She told me of how she can’t go a day without speaking to him on phone, how he would send her sweet and mind blowing messages in the mornings and at unexpected moments. I watched her smile intermittently and figit on her phone like she was looking for a proof for me.(abi you can picture the scene already.lol).

She said, “Akosua, we can talk on the phone for hours without getting tired and I wonder where the conversations sprung up from. I don’t mind spending my whole day with him doing nothing and yet I never get tired. Spending my last penny on him is never an issue for me because I love him dearly and he loves me too. I trust him like no other, I trust that he wont hurt me or try to do anything out of place, I trust his words, he never fails, when he says something he always does it. When I’m with him,  I have no reason to fear because he protects me and I feel so safe and secured around him. We hang out late nights and he always gets me back home safe and sound”.

I kept listening, stuck with only three words, Awww, Wooow and Really? One statement she made blew my mind. She said “Akosua do you know I even find it very difficult to do the things I know he wouldnt like even when I clearly know hes not around and if I do them he wouldnt see”? That moment you can imagine my face, my mouth was opened as wide as a hippopotamus who was trying to yawn. She exclaimed, “Yes its true!, its like his spirit is with me always and I don’t want to hurt him even if he wouldn’t see. I can’t lie to him you know”. There in my mind i was thinking (see this small too known girl oo, shes trying to make me feel bad, I eyed her small.lol). But that was my awakening…

Can you relate to this small too known girl’s story? Do you remember the very first time he proposed to you? when you said yes and when your love story begun? Do you remember the butterflies flying in your tummy anytime he held your hand or mentioned your name? What about the sleepless nights on phone saying nothing? I remember my aunt referring to me as a cocaine dealer only because I was always on phone for hours at night whispering.lol. It cracked me up when I remembered.

Thinking about all these, the first question that popped up was, how is my relationship with God like? “A sassy Girl’s Guide to loving God”, a  book written by Michelle McKinney Hammond opened my eyes a lot to our love relationship with God. She explains how to love God and have a beautiful relationship with him.

Can you imagine how we are so thrilled about just a mortal relationship. A relationship with a human being, humans who change according to situations and circumstances. Humans who can lie right at your face without any sweat, humans who have mood swings. Humans who keep grudges. A mortal man who can die anytime leaving you deserted and filled with so much sorrow and grief. Our relationships with each other makes us forget that there’s someone who loves us better than anyone could. John 15: 13 Greater love has no one than to lay down his life for his friends. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. The only one I recall who sacrificed his life for us was Jesus Christ and He loves better than no other.

When was the last time you spoke to God and treated him like your lover? When did you wait to hear those sweet words which will carry you through your day? When did you have sleepless nights just to tell him about your day,your plans and your fears? 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares and burdens on Him for he cares for you. When was the last time you were so thrilled to hear his voice or spend time with him? When did you not mind spending your last dime on him all because you love him so much? Do you remember the last time you told yourself you wont go,wear,or do those things because your lover Jesus will be hurt if he finds out? John 14:15 If you love me,obey my commandments. When was the last time you trusted Him fully and left everything to Him to fix? When did to you gather all the patience and waited as long as it took just for that request to be answered?

We Christians are always quick to jump and say “I love you Lord”, forgetting we love someone better. If we love God so much like we claim then why cant we relate to him like our lovers. Why do we treat him like an outcast, we only go to him when we need help. And even with that, we do not expect anything than a “yes” answer from him. We are so quick to tell him all we want and do not even wait for him to tell us what he knows we need. Our prayer lives are boring because all we do is make requests, get up, leave and expect it done within 24 hours. Who does that?(my popular phrase) we all do that.

If God is our friend, most importantly our lover, then he deserves to be treated as one. Wait oo let me remind us of something, God is immortal, he never sleeps nor slumbers, he never fails, he keeps to all his promises, my friend Abraham will give you all the gist if you visit him in the land of Genesis, he doesn’t have mood swings and he never bear grudges. He’s All knowing, he sees everything from everywhere and He even knows what you are about to say before you even alter a word, He has the power to heal and comfort you. He has wide arms to embrace you, He has the sweetest voice ever which can put you to bed just by the mention of your name. He’s so rich that he can give you everything you ask for in just a second. He’s never too busy and He never leaves your side unless you ask him to, hmmm, His sweetness is more than honey. His love is so genuine that He layed down his own life for you. Because He doesn’t want you to be harmed, he’s ordered his workers to keep charge over you all the time,there’s not a second they are away. Eii! He loves you even when you don’t.

What a woow! What a lover! I just noticed I missed soo many years of this mind blowing,indescribable,unexplainable lover. But He just assured me it doesn’t matter when(time) I discovered his love. Its always the same and I get to enjoy all those benefits no matter what. He said I just need to ask him to be my lover, that is all and He will be and help me every step of the way.

Are you in  love relationship with God? If not then who is this Jesus to you? Begin to ask yourself these questions and when you find and an answer, invite Jesus to be your lover if he’s not and spice up your relationship if it’s been dormant.

Jesus’ arms are always opened to embrace us all and give us the warmth we so crave for.

HYMN 323

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believers ear

It soothes his sorrows

Heals his wounds

And drives away his fears

A silent struggle

And so i was doing my normal scrolling up and down on Facebook when I came across my own Angie smiles write-up “love engraved in my palm” . after reading this, i was so moved that i couldn’t help it but pick up my phone to text her “eii what an awakening”. Her story reminded me of a lot more i had apparently forgotten, most importantly,Gods unending love that was exhibited in every part of my being. I suddenly felt the pinch i had gracefully been avoiding for years. Oh! how i thought my pinch proof will never fall off,hmm.

A silent struggle it has been, that pain you feel deep within you, that  you can’t seem to tell anyone. Ahaa! You know when you accidentally hit your toe on a wooden object or anything hard and all you can do is jump up and down like a frog hoping from one place to the other, flip your fingers together or gnash so hard like you’re in labor. lol. The thought of  it makes me laugh, that’s the silent struggle i am talking about.

Been gifted a mother, father, siblings and wonderful friends and yet still no one to confined in. Walking around wearing the broadest smile that just the sight of you causes others to smile. Mounting stages to minister with that struggle in your heart .

When you pick up the phone, scroll up and down and you can’t find a single person to share your struggles with. You finally find someone and unfortunately work or something equally important has to steal that person away. When you are able to reach out to a friend and they need to rest before they hear you out,hmm, it’s a silent struggle.

Sometimes you don’t even know who is willing to listen without judging, who will listen without going away thinking you are the worlds most sinful creature. You have spiritual fathers but non of them is able to be there right when you need them. When those you expect much from presents you lesser than less. When your past hunts you like the lion hunts for its prey. eii its a silent struggle oo, one you can’t shout but only flip your fingers and jump up and down.

So many questions i needed answers to and there was no one to answer. but guess what? God came through. I may not be over my struggle yet but God came in with the comfort i just needed. He reminded me that he need not take a nap before listening to my worries, or ask for permission to get off work to talk to me. He said, i need not look for my phone to call on him because he is always there, right beside me. All i needed to do was to mention his name. He told me, i need not check the time before calling on him, i could call him in the morning, afternoon, evening, night or even at dawn. Coming to this realization, i was embraced by the warm thought that after all its never been a silent struggle. God has been there all this while, i was just too busy and too lazy to notice. I just needed to recognize his presence.

I sort to get closer to God. To hear from him and have a beautiful conversation with him as time goes on. With his promise to never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6), i believe that silent struggle will turn to a noisy joy. Jesus is that only friend who can help you with whatever struggle you may be going through. He’s the best friend anyone could have, his friendship is genuine and true to even comprehend. I believe that if you make a conscious effort to recognize the presence of God in your life, you will be able to overcome every struggle. Join me as we overcome this struggle because the word of God says we are more than conquerors( Romans 8:37). to be continued…

Psalms 34: 19

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD delivers him from them all.